Monday, May 25, 2009

So apparently I am probably done working at C-House. I am really sad about this because I work hard and unfortunately I don't think that it is paying off.

Damn, just when things were starting to take shape everything went teh suck.

Let's just go ahead and analyze why this sort of crap happens:

1. Person gets job.
2. Person works hard at job, boss is indifferent
3. Person fucks up/has a bad day/gets caught at an instant that they are not at their absolute finest
4. Person is downgraded and is either fired or has to start from square one.


There's this thing that's looming and it's called SERIOUS FUCKING DEBT. I can't afford my July rent and I think that there has been a wrench thrown into my plans for paying for school in September. A.k.a. I am never going to see my boyfriend because I am going to be stuck working all the time and still may not be able to have a decent amount of money for paying bills, loans, etc.

Oh yeah, and having fun.

Whine, whine, whine.

So I guess the next thing to do is look for a job and enjoy the time I currently have off. And study.

Fuck my life.

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