Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm so happy, feeling snappy

It's fuckin' unbelievable how I always manage to get myself covered in a thin film of grimey dirt. I got home from Ceilidh last night and realized that my skin was practically peeling off. Yay.

Scenefest is today! I am very excited. I am gonna meet up with Cassie and Vegan and we're gonna huss it up. Or not. I catch the "Party Bus" @ 11:45... hehehe. What a thing to call it. Best part? It's just me. On the party bus. I hope that it's awkward as shit. Sigh* The joys of no vehicle.

I'm very excited to see Hostage Life again! We're gonna go to see Dorian Gray as well... I still don't know who's "headlining" it. Oh! The Reason is playing. Sweet. I hope the beer prices aren't super jacked. And it better not rain today! :(

I really need to pee! Aiyeeee!

Payday Monday. :) I finally asked Jackie for dinner shifts. We'll see how it does. I also applied to Van Gogh's yesterday. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To Say Something That Means Nothing At All

I guess I am officially not sleeping today. My mind is buzzing. I broke up with Joey today... which did not feel good. I tried to do it the best way I could and sort of give him an out. It's never a good time I guess though. I felt like such a douche because it was like "Hey, wanna still be friends?". I just hope that he's not angry with me for too long. I didn't want to do it... but I had to. :( I think that he was good to me and I to him... I don't want to lose our friendship and seeing how people can change after break ups, because I can honestly say that I have witnessed that all too often. I'm looking at his track record with other girls and it points to the fact that we could probably be friends, but then again I know that he always treated me different than A and V... so I don't know. Ugh. Another day starts. I hope I don't manage to fuck up anyone else's week.