Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am so behind with school already... what the hell?!?!! This semester is mondo-rape. Tomorrow is the Bouncing Souls show and I am excited to see them play!! :D I have to call Jeff to make sure they're coming, because then I'm going to have to set something up so that everyone has somewhere to sleep. Oh, and I'm going to (barring the fact that I may not want to get out of bed) make vegan waffles for everyone. :D This weekend we're having a tech coming to fix the goddamn internet, I work, and I am seeing Jeff (Frey!). Somewhere in there I'll try to study and do my 6000 assignments. I am already thinking that I'm skipping lab this afternoon... trying to find insurance is really stressing me out.

I signed up for Costa Rica!!! :D :D Sometime this week/early next week I am going to make my first deposit. I just need them to cancel the July trip that I signed up for, because now I am going in August. So between August 8th-August 20th I'll be hitting the waves... and possibly (if they'll let me) spend some time in Seattle and Portland either before or after CR. We're going to have to see how work goes. Between OMMI, med studies, and working at JJ/Vinyl I'll hopefully be able to scrape some cash. Getting a stipend for school would kind of be nice too I guess eh? I'm going to go see Wendy Arthur to discuss my options for school @ Guelph, but my other options seem to be UoT and UBC, both of which seem to be offering A LOT more money to their grad students. We'll see I guess?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Makes me want to sing along...

My mind is racing and I am such a loser for being so excited. It ain't happening, and I know it. But whatever, I am still gonna be pathetic-like and be excited. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

:D Happy-nom-ina!

Yesterday was freaking weird. A 37-year-old skinhead asked to date me. Uh... sorry Eric. You're nice and all, but I'm not really down with the red laces.

Boychuk called today weirdly enough... apparently I called him from my pocket, but it doesn't show on my outgoing calls list. Weird! So he and Thom are coming to Bouncing Souls... I'm so very very excited. I want it off so bad. Better yet, if they get Mike to come then I'll be free of my extra tix and Alicia/Cass and I will be in for freez!! :D Gotta love the connections. I am the ultimate in cool.

<3 Sarah

P.S. Backyard beets + Zucchini for the win!! :D I am so very excited. I have the best life ever right now. Oh, and the sex toy party was so awesome last night. Chocolate vagina macaroons!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

School started today and I am excited... but I really wish I'd stop thinking about you. Jerk. :P