Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polina-lina left for Israel today. Mariska Hargate and such and such. 

I am BROKE! Work is giving me the 2-shift-a-week special and I still have so much to pay for my MC. I need to send my rent and the money from the Bell bill that I owe Emma tomorrow in the mail. I work tomorrow and Saturday... so hopefully I will make some moolah! 

Tomorrow my list is as follows: 

-call CP to come pick up my crap. :D 
-mail rent
-mail money to Emma 
-finish all chemistry homework questions
-finish fixing all 3 physics tests
-finish 3 physics subject tests
-online physics class
-online chemistry class
-all chemistry review homework
-verbal reasoning preview homework
-see Nat (1 pm)
-work 9-close 

Tomorrow should be busy! 

Vegan Brunch is out... I want it so bad I can taste it, haha. 

-xo S 

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