Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love the nightlife, I like to boogie

I wanna dance, dance, dance! 

No really... I'm so dance-y it's crazy. Joey went to see the Rackula/Metallama show tonight, but I was less than enthused. SOOOOO, instead I stayed home and studied and watched the season finale of Grey's. Yay. Whatever, I don't have money to be going to shows anyhow. 

I had a bit of time today where I felt really claustrophobic. I think it's partly because I have NO money and I have all these things that I want to do and I can't. :( Even more annoying is the fact that I have all this TIME. AHHHHHHHHHHH! My biggest problem is that I never have enough time for everyone/everything and me. So yeah, road trips, bartending school and all-around fun can't happen no mo'. Lames. Shifts better pick up or else I'm sunk. 

That's okay though. It's 2009 and things need to be awesome, just because I said so! Today was so absolutely beautiful. I went to the library to get a new book ("Eat, Pray, Love") and the sun was shining. I wore my foofy black skirt and everything was great. Someone even complimented me on it in a non-hitting-on-me sort of way. I like the non-creepies. 

Off to read my boooook! Cheers! 

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