Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It seems that summer is kinda sorta starting to FINALLY kick off. I've gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house with Dad, work starts tomorrow (technically today?), and my MCAT course has started up! Things I should say are pretty tip-top. ;)

I think that this summer is going to be great! I actually have started on most of the things that I would like to do this summer and I feel so positive about them. One thing that is super good is that I am losing weight, yahoo! I haven't really been weighing myself of anything, but by looking at myself and judging how my clothes fit... I'm looking pretty good. I want to be able to wear a bikini by the end of the summer.... maybe? That would be nice. Hopefully because we're going to be going to ..... CUBA! :D Maybe. It was originally supposed to be Mexico but since the whole swine flu thing broke out that has turned into one big freaking Mex-I-Can't. Lames. 
Anywho, my family should know where we're going, if we're going, by the end of the month. 

MCAT studying is going pretty well so far. I have done 2 classes and am early on with my studying. 45T baby!

I actually learned about this course that I want to take sometime this summer or fall.

It's bartending and mixology and not only do I think that it would be super cool and fun, but I think that I would really benefit from it for future jobs (and possibly higher earnings... ). 

I was thinking that maybe this fall I should try to get back into extra work to make some cash. That and those scientific studies... but I am gonna have to be off drugs to get back into that. Whatever. 

Anywho... I have lots to do tomorrow so I'll have to blog later. I promise it'll get more interesting.  

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