Saturday, September 12, 2009

:D Happy-nom-ina!

Yesterday was freaking weird. A 37-year-old skinhead asked to date me. Uh... sorry Eric. You're nice and all, but I'm not really down with the red laces.

Boychuk called today weirdly enough... apparently I called him from my pocket, but it doesn't show on my outgoing calls list. Weird! So he and Thom are coming to Bouncing Souls... I'm so very very excited. I want it off so bad. Better yet, if they get Mike to come then I'll be free of my extra tix and Alicia/Cass and I will be in for freez!! :D Gotta love the connections. I am the ultimate in cool.

<3 Sarah

P.S. Backyard beets + Zucchini for the win!! :D I am so very excited. I have the best life ever right now. Oh, and the sex toy party was so awesome last night. Chocolate vagina macaroons!

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